Authentication Database

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Believing that other companies don't go far enough when authenticating their autographs, MRAK Sports created a state-of-the-art database so our customers can be sure their autographed memorabilia is exactly what was intended!
MRAK Sports Authentication is true "Witnessed Authentication." Every autograph in this database was witnessed by a MRAK Sports agent. Every autograph is then backed by a signed Affidavit that specifies the signing date, location and the agent that witnessed the signing.
In addition to the athlete and item signed, every Certificate of Authenticity willinclude any inscriptions added or limited edition status. This way you can besure the item has not been altered in any way between the signing and thecustomer!

MRAK Sports has taken authentication one step further, doing what the biggest companies like Mounted Memories or Steiner can't!
The hologram affixed to our memorabilia contains a unique registration number. When that number is entered into this database all pertinent information regarding the signing is displayed. This includes not only the date and location, but also the name of the MRAK Sports agent who witnessed the signing!

We have also taken the precaution of using the newest 'egg-shell' destructible holofoil seals to protect both the item and COA from tampering.


Enter the 4 or 5 digit MRAK Sports Registration Number of the item you wish to verify.